Can We Escape SIRENHEADS PRISON In MINECRAFT?! (LankyBox Minecraft Movie!)


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    Can We Escape SIRENHEAD'S PRISON In MINECRAFT?! (LankyBox Minecraft Movie!)
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Adam Ozuna

      The code is 16

    2. Nathaniel Martinez


    3. Nathaniel Martinez


    4. Bill Johnston


    5. Noel Doe

      I love foxy💜

    6. Min Yoonji

      Just use your girrafe powers adam

    7. skyLielos Chacon

      Ayyy we do the heeeeerrrrryy stick meeeennnnn do dance UnU

    8. Kim Turner


    9. Benjamin ChuJr.

      Statue saint scary teacher into other people in the cells

    10. Jazmine Carrazco


    11. Jazmine Carrazco


    12. Kaliyah Fraser


    13. Kaliyah Fraser


    14. Lunamile Genao

      Had to shar I eat Donuts Justin

    15. shineroblox 1

      is foxy a girl? bc justin said "we need to find her" it think

    16. mumthaz Rahiman

      He needs some milk

    17. Monique Cu

      I love your channel

    18. Tara Azure Gilbert

      Lanky box Watches Miraculous ladybug

    19. Ian Jones


    20. MylesL5 9 Be

      G forlorn and emulator in this world 🌎

    21. Nga Nguyen


    22. MEME QUEEN13

      Y'all just do this but this is Cool

    23. Ana Aguilera


    24. Ana Aguilera


    25. Lol Lol

      Justin is spy doughnut or spy thick

    26. Sharkman 101

      Siren head is made by trever henderson

    27. Jeracel de Rojas

      Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy yes foxy and boxy and rockyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    28. julianna baranya


    29. Noor Monnoo

      This is like mincraft but what is that

    30. rojendrakar Nongthomba

      🍼 for adam

    31. rojendrakar Nongthomba

      I loveeeeeeeeee🍩🍪🍩🍪🍩🍩🍪🍩🍪🍩🍪🍪🍩🍰🎂🥧🍧🍨🍨🍬🍭🍮

    32. rojendrakar Nongthomba


    33. Jeracel de Rojas


    34. Jeracel de Rojas

      Time too rock and roll

    35. Jeracel de Rojas

      And rockyyyyyyyyyy

    36. Jeracel de Rojas

      Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yes foxy and boxy❤

    37. iti2881 ldlc


    38. Gloria Vinluan


    39. Daniel Playz

      This should be 1900000 likes... i liked and subscribed :) !!!!!

    40. Vanessa Rhoades

      ;bj b.

    41. Travis Fischer

      Maybe Adam should use his neck to get the button?

    42. Irina Ionuta


    43. Ubaldo Garcia

      In the thumbnail, they could just litterally walk out of the cage

    44. shey feliciano

      Justie is the funnier 😂😂

    45. Jay Janawsky

      Omg hi

    46. CL At

      Your air ending justin

    47. rea joy magayano

      When Adam says Austin he forgot it’s Justin and also add a need some milk ayyyyyyyyyy

    48. 3 Monkeys Play

      I like your vedeos

    49. Riva The Diva

      Just say

    50. Jennifer Dacunha


    51. Krishna Prakash

      It’s funny just did body cheeky music to me I like to clergy go to stop it

    52. Lili Nina Jatariuc


    53. Ricardo Blake


    54. Ricardo Blake

      Siren head took Justin and Adam 3 friends

    55. Luc Hoose


    56. Dolly Sharma

      I love it

    57. Reyjean joy Dapsan

      Me: 0_0 Rocky: *jamp jamp of the roof top* Me: rocky looks like a slime

    58. Anjum Bohare

      Omg 😱

    59. Theo Tsavdaridis


    60. gamer jordan vergara

      Wait foxy is a FEMALE?!

    61. Super Metehan World

      One of them is the ricardo

    62. Shabistan Naaz

      Ofcourse rocky watches rock on I pad phone laptop tv

    63. party of 4tv party of 4tv

      Foxy and Rocky are my favorite

    64. cartoon cat gamer

      I like siren head because I'm cartoon cat

    65. Liza Reuse ujj

      Justin is only good being an archer because of foxy and rocky and boxy is traped ahahah lol

    66. Willow Stallworth


    67. Philip Tran

      Is 5’555

    68. Laura Jayne Brodie


    69. Aarina Acharya

      I had a fear of siren head the sound

    70. BubblysCharli grace

      I alr know they escaped lol 😂😂 btw im a big fan :) but ye !.

    71. Alex Ariana Bandula


    72. Kasey Jernigan

      My friend said that her cousins watches siren head

    73. kheng mengheang


    74. Norliza Arfan


    75. super soinc

      I played Minecraft i called him it doze not say Fake

    76. leila venerable

      i think thats a mod the gard cant see

    77. 陳柔宇

      I like Minecraft

    78. Jared Mishael

      Justin: donut man!!!!

    79. Kellyanne Joyce Romuar

      Duds I like it

    80. Lisa Loo

      I made my own rocky

    81. Eugenio Flores


    82. Lynette Carey

      This is her daughter.

    83. Lynette Carey


    84. ninja house and trampoline

      Rock and roll that like button

    85. Clover moon

      im sorry guys but im no allowed to buy rocky,boxy nd foxy and all your merch

    86. ZaiMat

      Room 4 is sus

    87. Ross May

      Is sick

    88. ruel combite

      im buying the merch can u friend me in roblox?

    89. Costume Man Anims yt


    90. Cara Reyes

      Cute :3

    91. SARTHAK RANA pro Rana

      Is foxy is girl

    92. Zach Playz

      I subscribe i want the Rocky Plushie

    93. heather may Gawid

      How lanky box how old is walk Rocky

    94. Chloe Rocas


    95. Chloe Rocas

      How redd

    96. Chloe Rocas


    97. Koa John Ada