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    Can LankyBox Beat This Roll Call Roblox Ball Obby with Gummy Bear and Talking Toms help?!
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    Published on 10 days ago


    1. Matthew Missleman

      Justin plays thicc...

    2. Ryan Feltz


    3. Lolo Almasoud

      The game name??


      What is the app called?

    5. Hanna Nicolai

      Wen He sayd Abaut Rubikscube

    6. Hanna Nicolai

      Wen Justin sayd Ahhhhhh Ahhhhhh i Laft

    7. Air Sword

      Fun fact:only me saying the thumbnail is sux what is about angela frpm talking angela and whats about knuckles whats is it ur thumbnail editor us suck i like ur content but sometime u steal someone idea i like ur channel but ur thumbnail and steal r sux

    8. samantha tierney

      i just got bullied in adopt me😢😢😢😢😢

      1. samantha tierney

        pls give me rare pets in adopt me

    9. Coco Nong

      Adem : Hey Justin I was reading up about the game and apparently there's BEARS! So watch out for the bear! Justin : I don't get scared of no bears alright? I'm chillin' ! *sees bear go the other way and dies*

    10. Roman’s Adventure


    11. Huma Turk

      Don’t skip stages 😤😤😤😤😤😤

    12. Huma Turk

      The board did not have wheels

    13. Camellia Motors

      Wait a sec who is Justin’s mom???????

    14. Amirul

      whats the actuall game name?

    15. Xbakedbean C

      What is the game called??

    16. EVAN ZHU

      Fun fact: they skipped some easy levels

    17. Scott Penny

      I clicked on this vid bc of the thumbnail just why is Angela (talking tom character) in a ball?????? and knuckles?????? (sonic character) this is my dads acc

    18. Baljot Boparai

      Adam a pokey nerdddddddd the way he says that bruhhh

    19. María Perez

      when i did. not know lanky box i saw the plush \foxy and boxy\ and i had robux i saw it and i said ohh this is cute im going to buy it

    20. Tracie Coram

      what the game called

    21. Mimi E

      why do the starings always make me laugh

    22. roger white

      thier is a new egg in adopt me and a pekcock

    23. hector arce

      Play dragon city and baseball boy

    24. Faithlyn Hermogenes

      Ayyyyyyyy hi boxy and foxy Whoa

    25. Faithlyn Hermogenes

      Ayyyyyy I am Boxee and foxy

    26. Nena East


    27. Amisha Rambaran

      What is the name of that obby?

    28. Emily Huang

      Who else misses guess the price and them playing adopt me?

    29. Genesis Drew

      AYYYY Chucky 🦆

    30. filip K

      1 time I did a flip and it flip 2 times and I was in the air till

    31. Blossiva

      -i haven’t watched lankybox for a while- -IM SORRY-

    32. Henry Huang

      what game

    33. Ahmed Ali

      I know super monkey ball

    34. Samuel Pastrana

      There’s a miraculous movie

    35. ping qiu

      it is so easy

    36. Jose Medina

      Justin your a spuer

    37. Robby Morning

      The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (II Peter 3:9 [KJV]) And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27 [KJV]) And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30 [KJV])

    38. Minla Lalyaler

      Justin 2021: I ain't scared of no bears ahhhh

    39. Minla Lalyaler

      Skipping to the chuckin yeah ayy

    40. morgan bui

      Justin: t-the BRUHpers

    41. Yanni playz

      please play adopt me

    42. Tiffany Kiriluk

      Have a pet🐱

    43. MCRK Playz

      Justin:this game is soo satisfying Also Justin:continues to rage

    44. Alvin Malveda

      Hi I'm yra and I have the plushies and for rocky rock and rolll

    45. Leandro Amante

      Adam hair is mess

    46. Jawad Haidar

      Justin:this is not easy Me:yeah this very easy

    47. azima abubakar

      did any body notice that lanky-box is almost at 7 million and how much they do for us their fans they ;;iterally changed there life style and humor for us aka their fans

      1. Minla Lalyaler

        Yeah but now there famous and they problly get paid on their bank account

      2. Minla Lalyaler

        I was that

    48. Crystal Sanatass


    49. Kameran Dicriscio


    50. Kameran Dicriscio


    51. Ellreu Bev

      That looks hard

    52. Rowena Delos Santos


    53. Rowena Delos Santos

      i like yuor vidsßsssßßeße§ssssssssssss😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅🤫🤫🤫🤔🤐🤐🤪🤪😍😒😄🤪🤩🐮🐯🐂🐯🐂🐯🐮🦧🐮🐮🐅🐂🐅🐂🐅🐂🐂🐅🐂🐅🐂🐅🦝🦧🦝🦝🐯🐂🐅🐮🐅🐮🐮🐅🐮🐗🦒🐗🐂🐱🐯🐂🐯🦊🦊🦍🐂🐒🐂🐮🐖🦌🐅🦌🐅🐮🦝🐒🐂🦁🦒🐖🐂🐂🐯🐂🐯🥒🍅🥒🍅🥒🍅🍐🍅🥒🥜🥒🍅🍑🥬🍐🍅🍑🥝🥒🍅🍏🥥🥒🥒🥥🌶🥜🥞🍄🥬🌶🥑🌽🥕🍆🥐🍆🥔🌽🥑🌶🍑🥝🥦🥦🧅🥦🍒🍈🍒🍇🍑🍐🍊🥬🍒🍇🏜🌍🏤🏞🗼🏩🏣🏛🏣🏤🏟🏢🏛🏢🏣🏛🏣🏪🏪💒💒🏪🏢🏪🏢🏢🏪🏢🏪🏯🏯🏗🏯🏪🏯🏪🏯🏪🏯🏪🏯🏗🏯🏗🏯🏗🏯🏗🏰🏯🏗🏰🏗🏰🏢🏛🏣🏟🏤🏟🏤🏤🏞🗼🏰🏨🏰🏪🏰🏯🏪🎪⛩🎢🕋🥇⚾️🏅🧧🏅🎀🏆🏆🥎🎳🧧🎳🧧🏅🧧🎋⚾️🏆🎳🧧🎳🧧🎳🏅⚾️🏅⚾️🥏🧧🥏🎳🎑🏏🎑🎎🏅🎑🥈🎑🏑🏑🎐🥈🎑

    54. Laura

      My Roblox account is JPP INKY1132

      1. Laura

        Friend this account

      2. Laura


    55. mahgameZ mana

      Just;ayee we hamster me;ur like hamster like lamster

    56. TWO 2 Cool sisters

      I played monkey ball before I still haven’t passed the boss yet

    57. Lavenia Jesslynn

      justin is a liar bruh why u gotta lie to me and all of your subscribers bruh no hating i still love u guys but just dont lie bro

    58. Kendrick the Incredible

      Ⓘ ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓑⓞⓧⓨ ⓐⓝⓓ ⓕⓞⓧⓨ ⓐⓝⓓ ⓨⓐⓛⓛ ⓘ ⓜⓐⓚⓔ ⓜⓔ ⓢⓜⓘⓛⓔ

    59. Pinkie Kelsey

      Haha haha

    60. Artian Sabani

      Can u guys actually play fortnite?

    61. Abcmoumoh Ho

      Mom is a meanie. She bought what I I didn’t like and she think she can I’m crying😭😭😭😭😭

    62. Marc Calvo

      “All levels” Dosent get to stage 151 (end) Me: why

    63. Raul Maqueira

      The place there in when the start the video is cool lovely place i bet its home to quite a poop

    64. Raul Maqueira

      Knuckles the echidna

    65. Rhonda Sykes


    66. Heewon Park

      can we get a non roblox related vid? like a guess the price?

    67. Rylie Chen

      Justin my belly feel like jello my eggo

    68. Adrian Swh

      Welcome to cooky Carnival

    69. Zelka Antunovic


    70. Steve Belski

      When they made it to the kooky carnival the name reminded me about Justin’s other from kooky that was in the videos before rocky came like if u remember him! 😀

    71. fazal

      The thing that i found the most funny is Adams hair

    72. SAM POWER

      Hi do u want somebody to be Rocky in real life?

    73. Natalia Kaniewska

      This game is really cool ✌

    74. Meaghan Sanchez

      Play big brain simulator

    75. LANKYFAM ;3 ;3

      7:58 Yeeess i miss the budgie dance (idk how to spell budjie im just guessing😂)

    76. lola

      i love lankybox BUT I don't watch them anymore sadly😞

    77. lola

      i don't like lankybox anymore it's boring sorry😞

    78. LANKYFAM ;3 ;3

      *_I dont get scared by no bears_* - JUSTIE 2021

      1. PrestonPlays Fan

        Gets scared by bears

    79. Tweet Elite

      Adem going back to his toot 😂🤣😆

    80. Jordan Ellis

      Justin:oh i believe i can FLYYYYYYY

    81. Tanisha Islam

      I remember when this kid said “u can’t touch the little duck”even though other people did

    82. Lost World

      adam need to go to dancing class not english school.


      I hate Rocky There are so dumb I hate

    84. Meghan Power

      I miss Adem telling his story's while Justie is choking on his food

      1. Lankybox Fan

        I rember the cookie one

      2. Lankybox Fan


      3. diana grynyshyn

        Me to

      4. Baljot Boparai

        That hurts all the memory's owwwwwww wahhhhhh wahhhhhhhh

      5. Hayden Luk


    85. Fitri Wardhani

      Are we gonna ignore this but why is the thumnail my talking angela disturbing

    86. blueberry playz

      Hey adem where is your girrafe friends with the extra long neck. xD

    87. ij roblox and vr

      I got passed over 100 levels and never used the skip stage


      Justin said :it's like some maryo kart instead of mario kart lol

    89. U WEN Moe


    90. Le'Aira Wright

      What is a game called please tell me

    91. Austin Kavanagh

      Omg 😆

    92. Erik Salinas

      That drogon was Cheetos

    93. Catherine Jill Carino

      Woah tahts a hard how aim i gonna make it in the end

    94. Paniz Shariat

      Please do a amphibia zero budget

    95. Jasmine Camatigue

      Adams hair-...... BrUh

    96. Efren Gonzalez

      Adem hair lol Adem still need education and guys remember chickens nuggets a day keeps a THICCness to stay

    97. Fiona Brady

      I hate adem

    98. StrawberrieKiwiGamez YT

      whats it called the game called

    99. Z0E

      guys pls play swordburst 2 it’s really fun

    100. Lour Jhudessa Ramil

      I play the Roblox game if I see the title in the vid and my user LankyboxgamesJulya