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    Published on 13 days ago


    1. Caraballo Mj

      adam: its sran head

    2. Caraballo Mj

      Justin:ADAM Rouat bruh

    3. Nicole Donovan


    4. Arles Fuentes

      No one 😭🕜 🕐🕜🕐🕜🕐🕜🕐🕜🕐🕜🕐🕜🕐🕐🕜🕐🕐🕜🕐🕜🕐. Yes Yes

    5. Sonic and Jayden the speedruners UwU 64

      The unknown creature looks like a Scp or it's the rake

    6. typical gaming gamer

      the white guy is a scp-096

    7. typical gaming gamer

      it was not a knagaroo but a big rabbit

    8. Flavio Sinchi


    9. Ravikumar Hariharan


    10. Viktor Arsenov

      Me and justhin we are bestie friends I always love to eat!!🤣😂

    11. Shane Swan

      or Thunder Call

    12. Jaymar Tasara jr.

      is the scp 096

    13. Gina Adlaon

      The last one was a scp

    14. 2B(28) TSE HEI YUET 謝晞玥


    15. Kath Gaviola

      I hope this wont be scary........ be becuse i hatescqry stuff....

    16. Hong Hoa

      When justin says "bruh that is a person is a suit" I almost laugh until my sis see ms

    17. Ana Zylfiu

      My heart almost are already jump scare

    18. Marlis Emsley Inandan

      I not scard

    19. Rayne Yohann Caccam

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is so scar😱

    20. Enzi Nanzaddorj

      hey the umbrella spider died because there was a blood on the wall

    21. AMFMBlock

      Im not a hater but adem go back to school and fix your brain because justin has 160iq

    22. Jazmine Carrazco

      0-0kks d

    23. Jazmine Carrazco


    24. Warat Na Songkhla

      That two tik tok was the person in a sout it was fake kangaroo

    25. Georgia Wilson

      I live in Australia it's a man in a suet

    26. Lyla and davis playz

      Fun fact it's 10:18 Time for bed💤 after I watch this

    27. Ken Garcia

      It mite be scary teacher becace that's how scary teacher run

    28. Jorge Lopez Guerra


    29. Yunior Ramos

      The wizard of The Onion wings

    30. Emiliano Aguina

      im sorry

    31. Emiliano Aguina

      just kidding

    32. James Stamper

      The person in the grass like a long grass is called the right Alexa creepypasta

    33. {lil cacduz}


    34. Maria Soto

      It the chewcacabra

    35. Aadithya A

      Is it a 🐼

    36. Sara Lovrić

      4:03 justin be like : TRIGERD

    37. -Nai_cøøkie-

      Not me watching this at 22 pm bc knowing its impossbile something creepy happen with them....

    38. Mr Beast

      Its on the monien i have seen it

    39. Jian Carlo Perez

      Wow scp

    40. Lalnun thari

      I think the umbrella is fake

    41. Hassan Hassan

      The white thing is a road man creature

    42. Dean bossi

      The last one was a skeleton

    43. Irdina Hamzah

      foxy copy lala: chicken

    44. Gabriella Ramos

      Vid-Unknown creature caught in camera Adem-I think thats siren head Justin-Nah bruh thats a human Me-That looks like SCP or is justin just right??? SCP or Human?????

    45. Sonika Ban

      It scp

    46. Rania Joyce Ramirez

      The unknown creature on camera I think that is pennywise

    47. JericKurt Bautista

      Harry Pottah characters EXE.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    48. Rania Joyce Ramirez

      I Love sonic the hedgeog. It is my favorite

    49. Faisal M Hasmi

      Thats the rake

    50. Andi Nurlela

      Why does slendy (slender man)wear a suit

    51. Challenges

      guys this is real my siseer said tgis to mm..she said that there was my doll that MOVED by battery@

    52. John TOH_EnderLeaf1000

      Cool the movie rapunzel with slender man in it Slender man looking at a bootiful woman and scares lol

    53. Ikco Punzalan

      I hate horror movie

    54. melisa agcaoili

      That was sooo creepy!!!!!!

    55. Hanadi Mantache

      Me: The umbrella moving when i saw blood did...the umbrella just kill dome one *freaks out*🥺☹️😞


      i think kangaroos exist and i think it was a real person


      oh no im bbefore bed right now heck noooooo

    58. Justn piggy

      Cuando vos Kevin Stuff Coates que a mí como me daba lo que quiero es que que Rocky con tu tío de 🤳🏻foxy

    59. Justn piggy

      Justin Eucken Play Piki no chao chao chao o chao te fallé como te hablo feo Peggy🪨❤️

    60. •Alexi_Balony MacArony•

      I was very scared when I saw that thing in the attic

    61. Manha Nuse

      The umbrella is edit like if u agree

    62. Tony Chang

      It’s a panda

    63. CoolBroMoyo

      I hold my breath everytime it says jumpscare in 3 2 1

    64. llolo lole

      It’s not a real animal Justin because as if it was a real kangaroo it a baby kangaroo kangaroo will be in his whole tummies because he’s trying to protect it the sides in the baby cannot

    65. Sanjida Begum

      The unknown creature is scp 666

    66. Adeel Ahmed

      That is the rake

    67. Adeel Ahmed

      That is the rake

    68. Adeel Ahmed

      I am sooooooooo scared

    69. BluexreD Team

      𝙄𝙎 𝙏𝙃𝙄𝙎 𝙎𝘾𝙋 096 6:42

    70. BenjiRBX

      the white scary man is the rake

    71. Rishin Rinish

      7:16 its Naruto

    72. Rishin Rinish

      in the vid says jump scare in 3 2 1 me: *hides behind chair*

    73. rebecca rostocka


    74. Fiona Kezia Bernard CSA CBE

      Ghost are not real justin and Adam!!!

    75. Upasana's Wonderland

      Guys seriously after I watched this, i could not sleep at night and I literally saw a shadow outside my window. I was so scared at that time.

    76. Sharon Roxas-Adolfo

      The unknown creature part i think its SCP cuz if u kinda search it maybe

      1. NotJackBG


    77. Kamarul Zaman


    78. Rrronster

      Next was the most spookyest one /seound one

    79. Rrronster

      RIP i watched it rn and it is 8:45 lol oof its night lol

    80. Tatiana L Carancio

      So 096

    81. Luis Omar -roblox


    82. Emily Goddard


    83. Juliet Purdie

      It's 9:30pm my time and I'm just ignoring the title

    84. Garuda001

      Lankybox secret's: always lies stealing other and always so much lies smh

    85. Audrey Nathania

      When seeing the rapunzel,adam,justin reactions: :O Me:no reaction

    86. • LazyGamer •

      Why are they scared by teletubbies

    87. Huddy and tommy gaming Pabon

      I did that

    88. Owen gil TV

      OMG Umbrella more like sbrella

    89. Pugs are the best

      Make more of these

    90. Pugs are the best

      1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00

    91. Humberto Bautista

      real pet

    92. Milothfunboy6

      My umbrella came alive and did something

    93. C88 ZR

      The las tek Tok was scp 096

    94. Agne Korsakiene

      i'm the lord of onion...RINGSSS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Agne Korsakiene

        Oh end forgot im in bed :) in da dark :,)

    95. Armani wells

      That kangaroo was fake I saw the human skin

    96. andymfullerton

      me thinking Lankybox hasnt done a 6 mil special :(

    97. Axes Playz

      Is was kind of scary

    98. Andrei Mendoza


    99. Ash Wright

      Adam and justin

    100. Ash Wright

      Put a hive five emoji if u wanna be my friend